Monday, January 10, 2011

We need your junk!!!

2nd grade will soon be exploring the wonderful work of Joseph Cornell and his super cool found-object assemblages. I am hoping to set up my room like a flea market one day and let the kids pick and choose some *small* items to add to their own assemblage (which will be miniature, about 6x6). Cornell was known for hitting up the ol' flea market for various oddities to incorporate into his artwork.

Therefore, pull open the desk and junk drawers! Better yet, do it on this snow day!! We need SMALL items. Anything that would fit into the palm of a hand or small sandwhich baggie is what we are looking for. Old game pieces, buttons, small plastic toys, crafty things, odds n' ends, etc. We would really love to have it!! Thank you so much :)

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