Sunday, August 28, 2011

Color Collage Cabinets


1.a. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color.
b. A work, such as a literary piece, composed of both borrowed and original material.
2. The art of creating such compositions.

My super-talented artist teacher friend, Susan Edwards is the originator of this awesome idea. I just happened to implement it in my room too because I thought it was excellent (not to mention very fun)! Along the bottom row of cabinets in my room, I have started seven color collage cabinets. Basically, I have invited the kids to start bringing in photos that correspond to the colors of the rainbow. These can be found in old magazines, newspapers, junk mail, etc. So far, I have been quite addicted myself. It's so easy to do a 30-second flip through a magazine that I'm going to put into the recycling bin anyway. Most times I have found at least a handful of pictures perfect for our collage cabinets!
So, SDC tigers, what are you waiting for??? Help us build our collage cabinets---bring in photos before or after school or directly to art class :)

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