Monday, October 24, 2011

1st and 3rd Grade Owl Mania !!!

I've been on an owl kick these days. And it's pretty evident because my 1st and 3rd graders are in full owl mode along with me.

1st graders have been making "fuzzy" textured owls using oil pastels. I have two variations of this project, both of which I like very much. The picture is variation #1 and the following picture is variation #2:

3rd grade is currently working on learning how to illustrate a variety of different owls. First, we are practicing by making several thumbnail sketches. Instead of drawing the entire owl, we are magnifying or zooming in on the head only. I love how they look like they are peeking out at the viewer. More photos to come....

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  1. Love all of the color and texture within the owls!! I am currently working on owls with my first grade as well!


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