Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kindergarten Room with a Fishbowl

This is a project I originally found on Artsonia, but adapted for use with my students. These will be on display at our art show in March!
On day #1, we reviewed secondary colors and each student divided a piece of black paper into 3 sections by drawing a large letter "Y" and applying paint. Then students set about designing a fishbowl onto a small piece of light blue construction paper.

On day #2, I introduced the artist, Henri Matisse and we looked at his colorful artwork and talked about his use of fun patterns. Students noticed that a lot of his work shows the insides of rooms, often incorporating a still life. We discussed how our painted paper from the previous week could be the inside of a room with a floor and two walls. I asked students to use oil pastels and draw a different line in each section: zigzag, straight and wiggly. Then, I showed students how to cut out a large oval and skinny rectangles using brown paper to make a table. Fishbowls were cut out and placed on top.

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  1. love this approach - using the black paper under the secondaries makes such a nice tone. i have too many matisse lessons - ha! i could seriously teach from his works all year.


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