Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2nd grade Indian Elephants

This is one of those projects that I absolutely adore and it all came together during the last week of school. We were pressed for time, so there was some tracing involved (eek, bad art teacher!!), but I feel that in light of that, the student's creativity was not stifled since they had millions of design decisions to make to complete their Indian elephant.

Day #1: I pre-cut lots of colorful, thin cardboard boxes like cereal, pop, etc. into 1" strips. I also had some leftover paintings that weren't being used and cut those down as well as some construction paper. I taught students how to weave. I loved seeing them get it, because as we all know, weaving is no easy feat when you are young! The final step to make the weaving stay together was a dot of glue underneath each loose end on front and back sides.

Day #2: Students chose either black or gray construction paper and traced an elephant shape. These were cut out and a colorful blanket was added. Students used whatever materials they wanted to add the facial features and decorative details. The final touch was the form of sequins. They loved this! I also had some small squares of paisley patterned paper they could choose to use to add emphasis to the border.


  1. Hello Laura Kim!
    Thanks for your comment. Very beautiful elephants and a great color.
    By the way, you can translate my page with the gadgget that appears on the left side of my blog (google translate) where you select your language.
    A hug and see you soon.

  2. This is SO cute! I love how you used old boxes!


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