Friday, May 11, 2012

Kindergarten Butterflies

I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. This project turned out (in my mind) absolutely stunning!! I am so proud of my Kindergartners for doing such a terrific job! I really didn't want to give these back!!

Day #1: Before students came to class, I pre-raced a large craft stick in the center of 12x18 white paper. I displayed a picture of a monarch butterfly using my projector onto my white board. I asked students to look at the shape of the wings. After we observed and discussed, we drew our wings as big as possible onto our paper using pencil. We added antennae and then students set about adding details by carefully observing the picture. I emphasized not to make a smiley face on the butterfly, which for some, was almost unbearable!

 Day #2: Students used a black crayon to trace their work. Patterns were added using colored crayons and then I passed out tempera block paints.....the rest is history!! Oh, and I cut them out myself and mounted them onto cream colored board which made them even more vibrant in person. I bet there will be some happy mothers on Sunday :)


  1. Beauties! What Mother wouldn't love to receive one of these? :)

  2. Such beautiful butterflies.
    I love the colors and textues.


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