Saturday, October 13, 2012

5th grade Bike Ride drawings

Over the summer, I saw an image on Pinterest that really perked my interest.....a bike silhouette with a nice abstract background. Coincidentally, a teacher friend of mine, Hope Knight at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists blog, also found that image and had completed some awesome bike drawings with her 5th graders, so I knew I had to give it a "go" as well. I'm glad I did! The kids loved it and it was a perfect challenge.....for all of us!

Once the drawings were complete, students used watercolors or tempera cakes to add color any way they chose in the background. The catch was to include no more than 4 colors and at least two of them had to be a complementary set.


  1. Fabulous project! These are all wonderful - great compositions and use of color! Did they photos of bikes to work from?I'd love to try this sometime!

  2. Thanks, Mary! The kids worked from a handout of bike silhouettes. I think I had about 5 they could choose from. If you want the doc., just let me know. I have it saved on my computer at school. They really enjoyed the project, so I highly recommend it!

  3. Yay! What a fun project that was. I think it's a keeper, don't you?

  4. definitely a crowd pleaser! it's neat to see how different students and teachers have approached the project around the country:)


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