Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1st grade Mitten Match

The 1st graders just finished these rather large (14 x 24) and impressive compositions just last week. I had planned for them to make a few snowflakes and sprinkle them on top of the composition, but time just got away! I would also like to see a black outline around the mittens for an extra contrast, but we can remedy that in the future.

On the first day, I gave each student two pre-traced mittens on 18x24 paper. Students worked with oil pastels and paints to make a pair of symmetrical mittens. They were encouraged to work a little at a time and  I explained that whenever they made a mark or shape on one mitten, to go ahead and repeat it on the other one.

The second day, I passed out white oil pastels and large 20x32 paper and asked the students to draw wind using expressive lines. The mittens were cut out and glued and then watered down temperas in blue and purple were used to paint the background and to complete the chilly collage.

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