Friday, March 15, 2013

Kindergarten Rainbow Trucks

This is another post that should have been shared eons ago. I was inspired by a find from Artsonia. I loved the graphic quality of the background the moment I saw it and of course wanted to try it with my Kindergarten students. It was a perfect lesson where we could focus on pattern, shape, line, size and placement. 
Day 1: Students were given small pieces of paper, roughly 6 x 12. I asked them to begin by drawing a horizon line in pencil. Then we added a dashed line to finish out the road. To make things a little more spontaneous and loose, I handed out sharpies and asked the students to draw a few buildings above the horizon line. At this point, many began adding details to the sky as well.  Once that step was complete, I walked around and had everyone pick out two black (pre-cut) rectangles. I had them use a white oil pastel to add windows and doors. As they worked, I moved around adding a small dot of glue to the back of each black building and then they placed it into the cityscape.

Day 2: I pre-cut all the pieces for the rainbow truck, including the truck cab and wheels before students arrived. After we discussed and practiced rainbow order, everyone picked out the necessary pieces and worked on placing them on top of the road in the correct order. *We used two rectangles of red to create the truck cab. Once I was able to assess everyone's pattern, we used one dot of glue to affix each of our pieces to complete the cityscape! 


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  2. I borrowed this project for my kindergarten. Great project!

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