Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1st grade Snoozin' Portraits

First graders combined portrait drawing and weaving to make this collage. We even mixed in a little mosaic work to finish it off. I found an image on Pinterest which led me to a great website: Ms. Motta's Mixed Media. Rachel's student artwork was the catalyst for this assignment! I wish I could say that I had dreamed it up myself (no pun intended!).....
Day #1: We discussed paper weaving and students got to work using a piece of 9x12 paper and 1" paper strips. When finished, the paper strips were glued into place.
Day #2: Students learned about portraiture and we talked about how our faces look different when we are sleeping compared to being awake. We used simple shapes and lines to draw a sleeping face and then traced it with Sharpie. Crayons were used for the skin tone, hair and other details. 
Day #3: Students selected a large piece of 12x18 paper for the bed and a small 4.5x6 piece of paper for a pillow. Portraits were cut out and glued down along with the pillow and weaving (which had now turned into the blanket or sleeping bag as some students decided). Paper mosaic squares were added to finish the piece. 

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