Wednesday, September 11, 2013

D.I.Y. Silhouette Project

Making an art project for my own pleasure doesn't seem to happen very much these days. However, when I can do something art-related for my husband that centers around our daughter, I always find the time! This was a very nice project that I found at Simple Art Project Ideas and it didn't take long at all. 

What I did was print out the picture as large as possible. Then I cut out the profile portrait of my daughter. I laid her profile on top of a piece of black construction paper and created my silhouette. Prior to this, I took some turquoise watercolor paint that I had made from old markers and painted onto watercolor paper. I used a paper towel to create a blotchy, cloud-like texture. Double sided tape was used to hold the silhouette in place! Easy!
Maybe you'll try something like this sometime.....

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