Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kindergarten Snowpeople - too fun!

I always find these snowpeople so very adorable! I decided that I needed to call them "snowpeople" instead of "snowman" this year :) This is a lesson that I pull out from time to time during the winter months and the kids always love it. It's a great 2 day lesson! 
During day one, each student receives a 12x18 lilac colored paper with a circle pre-drawn near the middle. I teach them how to draw lines from that circle all the way down to the bottom of the paper. Then we paint "snow" (slightly thinned white tempera paint) to fill in the snowperson's head and body. Paint is dabbed in the background for flakes if the student chooses.
On day two, we talk about what forms a snowperson is built from. We also discuss the items that a snowperson wears when it's cold out. Since we are here in Georgia and rarely see snow, the kids are amazed that earmuffs even exist. I crack up every time when my example is hanging up and I hear them say, "My snowman is going to wear headphones like Mrs. Kim's!" Too cute. The details are drawn with a black crayon first and then we go back and add color with oil pastels. Enjoy!
(I remember that the student whose artwork is on the right told me that the light black lines on each side of the snowman's hat are wind marks!)


  1. These are, indeed, super adorable! You can't have too many snowmen winter lessons- I'll definitely be adding this to my repertoire!


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