Friday, May 16, 2014

Kindergarten Flower Pots for Mom

Drawings by Kindergarteners.....can you ever go wrong?! I don't think so! To prepare for this assignment, I lightly traced a 4.5x6 rectangle onto a piece of 10x18 paper before students came to class (this was to help my kids understand where each part of the drawing would be located). For the drawing aspect, I showed the kinders how to start the flowers by drawing five circles above the rectangle (I really emphasized spreading them out and putting some circles near the top of the paper). Then I demonstrated and talked about various ways to draw petals and leaves. Instead of one little line for the stem, I asked the kids to draw a set of lines to form a skinny rectangle. All pencil lines (except for the vase) were traced in sharpie when students were done planning. Crayons were used to fill in the petals and stems - we practiced coloring dark and solid.
On day two, I cut three lines onto a folded piece of 4.5x6 black paper to form a simple loom. We learned how to weave 5 or 6 paper strips into the loom to make the vase. When students left class, I glued them into place.                                     
Project inspiration: Apex Elementary Art

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