Saturday, September 6, 2014

Name Abstractions by 3rd grade

This was a great beginning to 3rd grade this year - it allowed my students a chance to practice drawing letters in block style as well as loosen up and go with the flow when things didn't always turn out perfectly. We talked about how the imperfections of our work bring them to life and make them much more interesting. On day one, students practiced on a piece of square copy paper, in order to gain confidence in filling the space as well as to practice creating block/bubble style letters. Because some names are short and others long, the kids had to problem solve how they would make it work.

On day two, we lightly sketched onto art paper referring to our sketches from the previous week. 
Black paint was used to fill in the forms. 

On day three, we made "walls" around the outside and inside of the letters to make a barrier in order to prevent the black tempera from coming back to life :) We also added patterns on top of the letters - we used construction paper crayons. Then students used Crayola watercolors to add paint to any white areas of the paper. These look so cool, especially when grouped together! 

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  1. Love these, Laura! Have a fun-filled, stress-free year!


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