Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kinder Graphic Cityscapes

Each year, I enjoy doing some sort of cityscape with my kindergartners. They are SO good at drawing the subject matter of a city, and they do it so assuredly, it makes me so proud! These little pieces are small, measuring about 7x12. After a discussion about cities and learning the fancy word for buildings (architecture), we jump right in using sharpies. Before the students arrive, I pre-glue two small book pages that I've trimmed into squares and rectangles - these will become buildings. Students add details directly to those and then draw additional architecture and details in the empty places! We make sure to add a road as well, complete with a dashed line in the middle.  I grouped a bunch of these in the hallway surrounding the print, Broadway by Mark Tobey. What a fun, one-day lesson!

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