Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3rd grade Bedroom Sculptures a la Vincent van Gogh

These sensational pieces were inspired by a project I read about at Mrs. Allen's Art Room!! She was so kind to collaborate through email with me and share some tips for teaching this lesson. I have been so anxious to share some results....and the pictures below are only one class! High success rate for each kiddo and they were *VERY* enthralled....
The bedrooms were made using 12x12 art paper and students worked as interior designers - designing two walls and a floor. They had to make sure to include at least one window. We talked about ideas extensively to get the creative juices flowing and boy, oh boy, did they come up with the most terrific ideas! On the last day, the dioramas were cut and glued into place and the beds were built from construction paper and fabric.


  1. These turned out so well! Thanks for showing the flat layout too - helpful:)

  2. These are awesome!!! What a fantastic sculpture project!

  3. These turned out great! So happy I could help!


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