Friday, June 12, 2015

End of the year: 2nd grade

2nd grade spent several weeks exploring the country of China during our multicultural art making and learning unit. We made Chinese lanterns in celebration of the lantern festival, origami paper necklaces (which actually turned into gifts for Mother's Day), and one class even had time to make a dragon mask! See below:

The lantern lesson was inspired by Deep Space Sparkle 

Paper necklaces are so easy and fun to make, but it does take some prep on the part of the teacher prior to class. See this post from last year for the scoop and give it a try! 

The masks were inspired by a really striking illustration I found via Pinterest. I broke down the drawing into simple lines and shapes as we worked on red construction paper. Then the kids traced their work using sharpie and colored using construction paper crayons. As students finished cutting out their dragon face, they brought it to me and I used masking tape to attach a thick kraft stick to the back. To reinforce the entire mask so it would stand upright without flopping forward, I taped down a large paper plate on top of the stick and then cut off any pieces of the plate that were poking out. The kids were really excited about these! 

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