Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Square1 Art Projects Underway.....

At the beginning of each school year, I complete a "fundraiser" project with each grade level in cooperation with Square1 Art. The kids love it because there are free stickers at the end of the "art making rainbow" and I like it too because it's an efficient, locally based program. Once I am back to teaching all 5 days of the week at my school, then I will venture out and incorporate the Art Show back into our yearly line-up. Everything is in the making right now, but here is what is happening.......pictures to come soon!

Kindergarten - Letter Owls: I can learn how lines and shapes can combine to make a collage that fills the space using a variety of media.
(all of the samples in this post, including the one above, are "teacher samples" just to give an idea where we are headed with our art making. I'm not a big fan of posting "teacher samples" in my classroom for the kids and try not to whenever possible - many times, I will take it down after the initial week of introduction. I find that posting them shuts my kids down when it comes to their own responses to art making. How do you feel about "teacher samples?")

1st grade -  Matisse Fishbowls: I can learn about the artist, Henri Matisse and make a piece of artwork that incorporates lines, shapes and patterns in the style of this famous artist.

2nd grade - Room with a View: I can learn about Henri Matisse's window view paintings and then apply that knowledge to my own window view drawing. I can visualize and depict what cannot by directly observed by using my imagination.

3rd grade - Puzzle Trees: I can show the different sections of a landscape in my art by using warm and cool color palettes in separate sections of my work. I will also emphasize positive and negative space in my work.

4th grade -Tropical Fish: I can create a representational artwork from direct observation. I can plan the design for my composition through several preliminary sketches. I can bring my artwork to life using watercolor techniques that will show that I am capable of making light and dark colors to model form.

5th grade - Illuminated Letters: I will create my own illuminated letter that has significant meaning to me inspired by a historical art technique that was popular during the Medieval Period. I will sketch out several ideas before choosing the final idea for my work as the result of conscious, thoughtful planning and choices.
(teacher samples to give an idea where we are headed)

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