Friday, November 25, 2016

1st grade Fall Landscape Collage

This is a great two-day lesson that features texture, line and shape, plus you can work in concepts like overlapping and depth. I found the inspiration for this project from Kathy at Art Projects for Kids blog.

Day One:
Students used unwrapped crayons to texturize a piece of 9"x 12" paper to their liking. Then we wiggled scissors across the long edge of a piece of 3.5"x 9" green paper to create the ground. I handed out small yellow squares near the end of the class for the kids to cut out circles for the sun. We used glue sticks to hold all the pieces in place. 

Day Two:
Each table received a tray that contained a various assortment of paper squares between 3" to 4" in red, orange and yellow, plus Sharpies, scissors and glue sticks. I demonstrated how to cut organic circles and ovals for tree tops and how to glue them down. We talked briefly about how things in the distance appear smaller, while things close to us would appear large. Then I showed the kids a few ideas for making tree trunks, sky/grass details and of course patterns for the trees. It was fun to see how they could expand on the few simple ideas I offered. 

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