Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pre-K Daisies

Look at these sweet daisies made by my littlest friends in the art room, Pre-K! This is a one-day lesson for the littles that they make on 12x12 art paper. The process is quite simple - drawing and painting - and only requires a few supplies for the teacher to assemble ahead of time - yellow construction paper crayons, yellow & orange oil pastels and watered down green paint, pencils and brushes.
Before the kids come, the teacher will pre-trace a circle in the middle of each paper for a starting point.

Using pencil, show the kids how to jump around the center of the flower to create the petals. If possible, show off some real daisy flowers - observation is such a powerful thing! Once the drawing step is complete, have them color the center of the flower using the yellow construction paper crayon. For the petals, I showed the kids how to use the yellow oil pastel first. Then we blended some orange oil pastel on top. To make everything look a little more natural, I showed them how to use the yellow oil pastel again to smear the two colors together - loads of fun! The finishing touch is the green paint for the background!

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