Sunday, October 16, 2011

3rd Grade Starry Night Cityscapes

I have been on a van Gogh kick these days. It's probably safe to say he is one of my favorite artists! My 3rd graders worked really hard on these compositions. It took us 3 weeks to complete. The first week, we talked about van Gogh's, The Starry Night, noticed the motion and texture and used that as inspiration to paint a moonlit background.

The next week, we looked at a PowerPoint about skylines and added buildings made from black paper using simple geometric shapes. Some students had very specific ideas in mind for their cities. For instance, one 3rd grader readily let me know that his cityscape was going to be, "modern!" The last week, we added lots of windows using a set of complimentary colors (we learned that these colors really look great when used together).

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  1. looks great - i'm about to start a very similar lesson with my first graders. i really like the tempera backgrounds - i usually do pastel or resist, but i'm going for the paint this year!


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