Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kindergarten Abstract Circles

I feel as though I have been so behind in blogging about all of the projects taking place in my room these days!! This one, completed by Kindergarten several weeks ago, is no exception!

These abstract beauties were VERY experimental. In fact, with almost every class, I approached it a little differently. The main thing that stayed the same was how it began.
Day One: I gave every student a piece of 12x18 black paper and I had them trace yogurt lids using crayons all over the surface of the paper. I asked them to fill in some of the circles using patterns. The final step was gluing down a couple of pieces of scrap construction paper to add another layer.

Day Two: I mixed up some tints and shades of purple and asked them to carefully paint on the surface (only 2 classes did this). Then before they reached the drying rack, they stopped at a stamping table to add circles using yogurt cups, glue tops, legos, etc. dipped into black or gray paint. The other two classes were given the stamping supplies at their individual tables and skipped the painting portion.
Day Three: I arranged warm color paint at one station and had the kids paint a piece of bubble wrap and print it on top as a final layer.

*I trimmed all the masterpieces down a little before returning.


  1. these are great. i love printing bubble wrap too. i am thinking about having every kid at school paint/print on paper the second week of school and just save all of it to pull out for various projects... we'll see! thanks for reminding me.

  2. Wow they look amazing. Really interesting step by step process, I would love to do one myself.

  3. I love abstract art and nobody does it better than Kinders. Great post!

  4. Did you have any problems with the bubble wrap popping? I've always wondered what happens if the bubbles are popped and if they will print then.

    1. Hi Jayme,
      It's been quite some time since I did this assignment, but I really don't remember the bubble wrap popping......even if it did, I think it would still leave a good impression. Hope it works out for you :)

  5. Muy lindo trabajo!
    Un saludo Ana


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