Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3rd grade Monet Landscapes

These beautiful landscapes were created over a 2 week time period. I love the depth of color and texture that was created by combining tempera paint and oil pastels. My students did an awesome job!

Week 1: we began by watching Mark Venezia's, World's Most Famous Artists video and then I shared a Monet book with the kids. We talked about how light was such an integral part of Monet's work. We also discussed Monet's thick use of paint and how it forces the viewer to step away from the painting in order to get the "real picture."
I gave out tempera paints (white, blues, yellow and green) and showed the kids how to mark off the paper using three lines to create the land section. I dabbed my brush along the paper, sometimes double dipping into the paint (oh, we were breaking the rules today!). The goal was to make each section of land a different color. Then I showed how to dab in the sky, leaving white areas for clouds. The final touch was to take white paint and dab into the cloud areas of the paper. The effect is very 3-dimensional and the kids loved that part!

Could that girl and her shadow be any sweeter?

Week 2: We finished watching the rest of the video and I briefly talked to the students about adding oil pastel details to the paintings. The only requirement was to include at least one area of wildflowers. I love the variety!!


  1. gorgeous - my favorite is the 3rd from the bottom with the dark area in the middle.

    1. I love that one too :) plus, the first one!!


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