Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kindergarten Geometric Houses

I like to start the year off focusing on shapes and lines with my Kindergartners. They are always antsy and excited to paint, and this project allows them that opportunity during week two.

Week #1: After a short story, Good Morning, Good Night, we talked about and practiced drawing zigzag lines to create the grassy area (using crayon) at the bottom of our paper. Then we reviewed shapes and I gave the students two color choices for the square and triangle. The last step was attaching windows, a door and a chimney using small pre-cut squares. This might all seem simple, but a day of gluing allows you to teach the students how to use the material correctly which can come in very handy down the road!! 

Week #2: To get settled into art class, we looked at the book, Perfect Square. Then I talked with the students about adding wiggly lines to the roof top and straight lines on the house. Details were added to the windows and doors. I ended by showing a magic step-----using white crayon in the sky to draw clouds before adding a wash of blue paint to the background.

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