Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2nd grade Gumball Machines with Wayne Thiebaud


Second graders just finished learning about the artist Wayne Thiebaud and all of his delicious artwork. This drawing assignment allowed the students to work on their drawing skills as well as make personal choices to complete their own gumball machine.

Day #1: We looked at and discussed a handout I made of Wayne Thiebaud's work, Three Machines. We compared and contrasted his work against photographs of gumball machines and noticed the shapes and forms used to create this object. To get started, students traced a circle using a large yogurt lid onto the paper. Then I spent some time showing lots of options and encouraging my little artists to come up with their own solutions in creating their machine. Once the drawings were complete, all lines were traced in sharpie and crayon was added to the machine.

Day #2: We learned that a still-life is an artwork that shows inanimate objects. After a review of the warm and cool color families, students were asked to select one color from each family and paint one in each section of the background (wall and table).

Day #3: Students had a choice to draw and color gumballs or glue in pre-cut circles for the gumballs (I bought a circle punch at Michael's that came in so handy!). The final touch was adding a little glimmer of light using oil pastels. 

(♥ my student who wanted to make a rectangular machine!)


  1. turned out great! i am assuming these are for Original Works? ; )

  2. Hi Hope.....not sure. I think I'm going to hang on to them and while the kids are finishing up their Romare Bearden cityscapes they can choose which one they want to take home for OW. I don't know why, but that program is stressing me out this year!


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