Friday, October 5, 2012

1st grade Birch Trees like Klimt

When creating these rhythmic landscapes, students learned how different types of view can affect size of objects. To make our "zoomed in view" of  birch trees, we painted the edges of the trunks using a brush along a piece of paper and then scraped black paint across them to create texture. You can see that students selected either the warm or cool colors for the background paper.

The next day, the trunks were cut out and glued onto the background paper. The final touch was to add some falling leaves. I love how the students made their leaves in a variety of sizes to further emphasize the perspective.

Next year, I am going to weave in the artist, Gustav Klimt on the second day when students are putting the composition together. 

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  1. Absolutely lovey - I really like these! The leaves are a lovely finishing touch :)


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