Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2nd grade Romare Bearden Cityscapes

My 2nd grade students worked really hard on these cityscapes. We developed them over a 3-week time period. The first week was devoted to painting a sky on black paper using blue and white tempera paints.

On day two, we looked at a Romare Bearden PowerPoint and discussed his collages. I asked students to include a road, at least 3 buildings and then 2 pictures found from old book pages in their cityscape collage.

The last week was used to add details to make the buildings pop such as outlines and windows. It was also a perfect time to add any last minute items to make the cities really look complete. I met with each student while they were working and we had a mini-conference to decide if their composition needed anything. I am really proud of their work!!

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