Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kindergarten Winter Scenes

 This winter landscape scene was created using the collage method.......and a lot of imagination since winter here in Georgia doesn't include much snow.
The first day of class, students drew snowflakes using simple crisscross lines with oil pastel, then overlapped bleeding tissue paper with water brushed on top to create the tie-dye effect.
The next session, we tore or cut some snow and glued it in the proper place on our tie-dye paper and discovered we had an instant landscape-----sky and ground! Students cut squares in half on the diagonal (the magic step) to get lots of triangles to form the evergreen trees. Overlapping and placement was a huge focus! Once the little forests were completed, we made snowmen. The cutting of circles was challenging for some, but as all the kids know: good artists do not give up!

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