Monday, June 3, 2013

1st grade Elephants of India

The inspiration for this multicultural project came from Art Projects for Kids, a blog I have referred to several times over the years! This lesson is a keeper, so next year, I plan to go in to more depth on the art of India with the kids. We just ran short on time this year.
In addition to the drawing, I asked the students to use the texture rubbing plates in the background and choose either a warm or cool palette for the background. We used tempera cakes to paint over the texture. The final step was adding some sequins to adorn the elephant. The kids were so proud of these! I really enjoyed this draw-with-me lesson because each student's personality shines through, making their work unique. Plus, it was relaxing at at time in the year when everyone is becoming a little frazzled. And let's face it, the cropped profile view is AWESOME!!
I just wish I had taken more pictures! 


  1. Fantastic! They came together beautifully!

    1. Thanks for checking out the project, Mary! Very worthwhile assignment and good looking results for everyone!


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