Monday, June 10, 2013

Kindergarten Abstract Alphabet Painting

This project is completely and totally AMAZING and fun!!! It was a perfect way to wrap up the school year with my Kindergartners, whom I adore each year. The inspiration for this project came from the blog, Olive ART! Do You???

To begin, we discussed letters/words in art and looked at some reproductions by Stuart Davis. Then I asked students to paint any letters using white paint onto 12 x 18 black paper. We used smaller brushes and I encouraged a variety of sizes for making the letters. Some students wanted to add in numbers, so why not? I also asked the kids to flip the paper every now and then so that letters would go in different directions to add interest. 

Stuart Davis, at work on a canvas for the Federal Art Project, 1939

On day two, I gave out about 6 colors of tempera paint in egg shell containers and asked the kids to paint on the black parts of the paper. 

On the final day when everything was dry, we did a little collage work on top. I pre-cut an A, B, C, 1, 2, and 3 from construction paper using die cuts in the teacher work room (yeah, I got some muscle toning in that week too!)

I wish I had taken more pictures!!!! I have a hunch there may be some on my camera at school :) 


  1. I love all the color in your Alphabet painting, the collage aspect, and your famous art references!!! i'm glad you were able to have such great success with this project! This is why I love blogging! I am going to try some of your ideas next time! Thanks for sharing and the shout out!

    1. Thanks, Michele for your kind words!! This assignment was a blast! Keep up your art project ingenuity---you have a knack :)

  2. Love the way these look, and LOVE Stuart Davis too!

    1. Thanks, Hope! Fun project for sure :) I'm so excited to write a reply---the option came up on my phone! Go figure!!


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