Sunday, October 27, 2013

Complementary Camo Designs by 5th grade

This was a challenging, contemporary lesson for 5th grade. A little complex for most, but the results are very modern and stunning and the best part is that every student achieved success at her/his own level! I had each student select a complementary color set and create a camo design to reflect a particular environment. Next year, I think I will have the kids draw free-form shapes to create an interlocking pattern and then we will focus on the color mixing. The palettes consisted of the complementary color set plus black, white and brown. We talked about hue, intensity and value as we worked. The goal was to make as many colors as possible! I was so impressed with the challenging quality of this assignment and the higher order thinking skills it took on the part of the kids.

Thanks to my friend Hope at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists for the excellent idea! I'll be posting some more pics soon.....more beauties are hanging out on my drying rack at school :)

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