Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tint & Shade Leaves by 4th grade

I was super excited when I saw this image of leaves on Pinterest a while back, but disappointed, that it led no where, so I had to use my own ideas on how to recreate the idea into a project for my 4th graders. I am very, very pleased with the results and think this will be a keeper! I think it would make an equally beautiful composition with just one large leaf......

Day #1: Students chose two pieces of neutral colored 9x12 paper and did their best to fill the space of the paper with a large drawing of a simple leaf. These drawings were traced in white glue. 
Day #2: Students learned about tint and shade in order to create value. One half of each leaf was painted in tints and shades of a warm color, while the other half was painted with tints and shades of a cool color. We used 6x6 pieces of paper for palettes and students came to order their colors when they were ready. I poured the paint to keep things moving along and to prevent any large paint puddle explosions :) 
Day #3: The leaves were cut out and glued to a large piece of 12x18 colored construction paper chosen by the student.

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  1. What a beautiful way to teach tints and shades! I pinned the same picture a while back. Thanks for posting these!


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