Saturday, January 18, 2014

1st grade Polka Dotted Pinch Pots

These little beauties were created by my 1st graders this year....such a graphic look! We used Q-tips and black and white glazes to achieve the surface texture. I am so, so incredibly pleased with these.

To take them home, students decorated a bag using sharpies and construction paper crayons. After class, I wrapped the pinch pots in a colored piece of tissue paper and popped them in the bags with another little piece of tissue paper wadded up at the bottom of the bag. A piece of yarn keeps everything safe.
* A tip from another teacher is to shred newspaper using the big shredder in the school's office to make a little nest for pottery. I bet construction paper would work great too!!!

This project was inspired from a blog I absolutely love.....Use Your Coloured Pencils. I give a big thanks to Anne Farrell for sharing this project!

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