Monday, February 3, 2014

Art Ed Blog of the Year Nominee! Woweeee

Wow, here is some really great news to share! I am super proud to announce that my blog has been selected as one of the finalists to win "Art Ed Blog of the Year!” from The Art of Education. I must admit, I had no idea I was on the radar for something like this. I am humbled and honored. Sooooooo cool!

I will need your help to win! Voting is open this whole week from today through Friday, February 7th. Please take a moment to follow this link below and vote for my blog! All you have to do is click on the name of my blog in the poll. It's that easy. And while you're at it, please vote for fellow Fulton County Art Teacher, Hope Knight at Dolvin Elementary School whose blog is "Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists."She is an amazing and inspiring art teacher and has already graced the ranks of Art Ed Blog of the Year for a few years now. Thanks so much and I will keep you posted on the results!


  1. Congrats! Your blog is fantastic. I was a first time finalist as well.

    1. Hey Zach! Thanks so much and right back at ya! I love your blog too - the cardboard shark eating one of your children was too funny :) It's great to connect with another awesome art educator.


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