Saturday, April 19, 2014

2nd grade City Reflections

These beauties were made using the monoprint technique - a fairly experimental (and I think sophisticated) method of printmaking. We painted a simple skyline using white paint on black paper and folded to transfer which resulted in a "reflection." Tempera paints were used the next week to fill in the solid color for buildings. Again, we folded the paper to transfer the color (resulting in an imperfect, yet very "reflection" type look). Small windows and doors were cut from construction paper and glued here and there on the third day of production. 


  1. Wow Laura, those turned out amazingly well - love the combination of materials and techniques. Printmaking is such an exciting medium!

  2. Thanks, Hope! This was the one project I really brain drained myself for the art show. It turned out in the end :) Printmaking IS wonderful :)

  3. Love these! They have a beautiful abstract quality to them!

    1. Hi Mary, yes, completely agree. It's hard for the kids to see just how magnificent these are because of the abstraction. They are little gems!

  4. What a great project! I can't wait to try this out with my 2nd graders. The colors look beautiful against the black paper and the windows are a neat addition. Did you use liquid tempera or temper cakes?

  5. Why, thank you! We used liquid tempera. Let me know how it goes, Mollie!

  6. I did something similar this with 2nd grade this year, too. Yours look great!


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