Monday, May 5, 2014

1st grade Printed Cities

You simply can't go wrong with this printmaking/stamping lesson! It's always very successful and the kids love it so much. On day one, we used small pieces of mat board and black acrylic paint to stamp our cities (I place a variety of different sized boards standing upright in a plastic pencil storage box and the slightly watered-down acrylic in a shallow bowl). 

I began by showing students how to stamp a road and we discussed that each artwork should include at least two buildings, if not more. I always go into a big schpeel at this point during my demonstration that my ideas are not the only ones and there are many solutions/ways to create things because we are all different.  Oh, and if you're curious, we made the suns/moons by stamping toilet paper tubes. 

On day two, students freely used watercolor paints and oil pastels to add color to their compositions.


  1. These are fantastic! I lovge the colors!


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