Friday, May 9, 2014

2nd grade Paper Bead Necklaces

I learned how to make these paper beads from a very dear colleague. They are especially a perfect treat for Mother's Day!! All you need to do is paint thin paper (think copy-paper-thin) in warm and cool colors. Cut the paper into 2" strips (with the paper in landscape position) and then into triangles. I used a colored pencil to wrap the beads, starting at the wide end. Smear on the glue stick and wah-lah.....The kids were so excited!! These necklaces were put together by 2nd graders. I made the paper beads ahead of time for sanity's sake. Pony beads are perfect for the in-between spacers and fit right over the embroidery needles. 

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  1. What!!! Your second graders did these? They are awesome!


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