Thursday, November 13, 2014

Indian Corn by 3rd grade

This observational drawing lesson was a lot of fun for my 3rd graders - I found the inspiration at Artsonia. It was a challenge, but very rewarding in the end. We talked about how artists draw still-lifes in order to practice and become better observers. We looked at real Indian corn and pictures of Indian corn to draw our work. Next year, I will have the students use oil pastels so that the colors of the corn are more striking and vibrant. I'm also thinking of using long, narrow paper and having them focus only on drawing one piece of corn. I learned that this drawing process (for my kids) was very time intensive, but completely worthwhile! William Harnett is a perfect tie-in!


  1. These definitely have that trompe l'oiel look - love the wood grain, the shadows, great job!

  2. I have pinned and will wait until our corn season is on and try this lesson. Thank you.


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