Saturday, November 15, 2014

4th grade Tint & Shade Leaves

I revamped this assignment a little bit from last year and found it to be very successful and less time consuming. Click here for the old post. We worked on 9x12 art paper to draw the leaves and then students used one color plus black and white to make as many tints and shades as possible inside each leaf. When all the painting was done, we used oil pastels to redefine our drawings, cut out the finished leaves and glued onto colored construction paper. Teachers, the management portion of this lesson is a big one, and you will have much luck if you are in charge of pouring out paint in dime size amounts onto paper palettes! It's intensive, but worth it! 


  1. So striking! A great way to teach tints and shades.

  2. Beautiful job! I love the combinations.


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