Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2nd grade Sculpture Faces....inspired by GA artist, Jim Shores

Our exciting sculptures - inspired by the Georgia folk artist, Jim Shores were made over a 3 week time period. This was a ton of fun for the kids and I sure enjoyed watching them build! Each student started with a piece of cardboard approximately 7x10. We took some time to round off edges or cut angles to get the face into just the right configuration. Then they selected 5 pre-cut pieces of cardboard from a box and spent some time arranging. Of course, they were able to come to the box and swap out shapes or get more as needed. They also received a piece of craft foam to work with to cut facial features. Students had to try overlapping at least once and the assignment allowed them to build any kind of face.
On day two, I gave students an egg carton filled with tempera paints and they applied the paint any way they wanted. While they worked, we reviewed color theory. At the end of the day, I hot glued a large craft stick to the back and placed the sculpture in a lump of air dry clay.
On day three, I asked the kids to add patterns to at least three areas of their sculpture to create some excitement. Then they painted the stick and the clay! They were very proud of their work! Thank you Bow Elementary School for the inspiration!!



  1. These are fantastic!

  2. These are the coolest things ever.

  3. Thanks for these wonderful sculptures. Sarah loves Art class and we have proudly displayed our girl on the mantle!

    1. This was such a fun assignment!! Glad you are enjoying your sculpture!!


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