Friday, May 15, 2015

Kindergarten Koi Fish Ponds

This was an adorable lesson to work on with Kindergarten.The kids learned that koi fish originate from Japan and can be a symbol for good luck and friendship.
On day one, students drew concentric circles to simulate a ripple using white oil pastel onto 12x12 turquoise construction paper. Then they painted the paper with blue tempera cakes and plenty of water for a resist effect.
On day two, students used black crayon on orange construction paper to draw a koi fish using simple lines and shapes. Little wiggles were added on top of the fish to create scales. The final component was a lily pad - we even looked at some of Claude Monet's water lily paintings and observed the beautiful flowers that sometimes grow on lily pads!

P.S. The inspiration for this art piece came from a blog post I found via Pinterest.....however, the blog is no longer in existence.


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