Friday, May 15, 2015

5th grade Face Pots

The ceramic face pot project is a staple for my 5th graders! They look forward to it each year. I'm always happy to see their creations, plus it's a great Georgia folk art tradition and a perfect tie in to the requirements of our curriculum. To begin, students sketch two ideas for their pots, thinking about the shape of the vessel and what type of face they want to create - I allow them to be totally creative on this part and I give them a two-sided handout with tons of face pot ideas to get their creative juices flowing (for instance, it can be an animal face, cartoon face, etc.). Some kids even make two faces - one on each side of the pot! After the sketching phase, we build the pots over 2 class periods then add colored glazes. They are always a hoot! 

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