Tuesday, June 9, 2015

End of the year: Kindergarten

Oh, the end of the school year - it never fails to get blurry with the frenzy of activity! Unfortunately, my picture taking and blogging go on the back burner as well......but over the next few days (since it has settled down with the beginning of summer vacation), I will post the last assignments each of my grade levels worked on before we said goodbye to the 2014-2015 school year.

Kindergarten made vegetable garden collages! These were really adorable and what I really liked was linking in some science connections to the works of art. Plus, the underground view is so intriguing! These pieces measure 12x16 and were made over a 2-week period. Each vegetable was drawn onto colored construction paper using black crayon. We added roots and stem details too. Then we cut, glued and painted the backgrounds!

Our very last art project was a still-life featuring a flower vase - a variation on a piece we did last year but without the weaving aspect. If I am not mistaken, these measure 10x18. The kids used construction paper crayons to add patterns to the kraft paper "tabletops" that I pre-glued to the art paper before they arrived. Rubbing plates made a nice textured background for the hand-drawn flowers to sit atop. 

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