Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A few new things I'm trying out in my room.....

I've been wanting to hang something outside my door for some time to let students know what to expect for each 9 week period when they visit the art room. I made this poster from a large piece of 18x24 drawing paper which I laminated. Then I backed it on colored butcher block paper and made a border. Now the kids can reference the sign as they walk into my room to see what mediums they will be exploring during our units of study. 
All of my students, 1st-5th grades, are storing their work in a portfolio this year. I decided to do something similar with my Kindergartners. About every 9 weeks, I will be sending home the work we have completed in class along with a sheet explaining the big ideas/concepts behind each project. I think parents will really treasure these! 

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