Sunday, October 18, 2015

Currently......inside the Big Green Room

Currently, the students at Spalding Drive are wrapping up a few lessons from Unit 1, while some have already been diving into Unit 2. We will be fully immersed in the art learning of Unit 2 beginning next week, so stay tuned for what's to come.......
Kindergarten - Color-Mixing Pumpkins: I can use the primary colors to create the secondary colors. I can draw a pumpkin using observation and imagination. I can create a landscape that is broken up into two distinct sections by using a horizon line. I can show visual texture in my artwork and explain the meaning of the word, texture.

1st grade - Goods and Services Ads: Project Based Learning Collaboration. I can create a graphic drawing that represents a good or service that I am familiar with. I can learn about what a graphic artist does for the community (artists who create work for printed or electronic media). I can fill the space of my paper to create a complete composition.

2nd grade - Underground Worlds: inspired by Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists. I can be inspired by book illustrators like Beatrix Potter. I can visualize through my imagination what could be seen underground.
I can make a drawing of an underground world that is either realistic or completely imaginary/humorous. 

3rd grade - Warm & Cool Indian Corn: I can create an observational drawing of Indian corn. I can show continuity within my art by sticking to color palettes that I choose to use. I can incorporate shadows to add dimension to my work.

4th grade - Cezanne Still-Life: I can learn about the artist, Paul Cezanne. I can talk about how I feel about his work. I can discuss the value of an original artworks vs. a reproduction. I can create a still-life and appreciate that artists study everyday objects in order to become better observers. I can verbally share the typical subject matter often found in still-life artworks. I can demonstrate how to create an intermediate color. I can use forms to draw an apple, bowl and vase and use highlights to emphasize forms.

5th grade - Contour Instruments: I can create a contour line drawing of an instrument. I can recognize Op Art and the work of Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. I can understand and show how to use emphasis in a work of art. I can identify complementary and analogous colors.

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