Thursday, November 12, 2015

Currently......inside the Big Green Room

Time is flying....I can hardly keep up! The kids have been working through so many wonderful assignments, but it's been hard to document all of it. We've worked very hard on planning and reflecting this year - we sketch and brainstorm before projects and fill out some type of rubric or self-evaluation when we finish up. I'm really proud of the kids - and our portfolios are looking pretty sharp, not to mention, they showcase a lot of Art learning! Here's what we're currently working on these days......

Kindergarten - Shapes with Mondrian - I can name shapes I know and learn what the word geometric means. I can earn about a new artist, Mondrian and his geometric art. I can practice putting together simple shapes to make an abstract work of art. 

1st grade - Vincent van Gogh Sunflower Pots & Autumnal Farm Landscapes  - I can learn about Vincent van Gogh and create a sunflower pot. I can use tools and glazes to make a textured surface design on my pinch pot. I can explain the difference between Play-doh and clay. I can create a landscape drawing that shows size relationships that coordinate with space. I can include details in my drawing that tell a story about the time of year and the place. 

2nd grade - Clay Fish -  I can design a fish and translate the drawing into clay. I can use found objects to create textures in my clay piece. I can use clay processing techniques to build facial features for the fish.
I can adapt to the situation and be willing to change my idea if necessary. 

3rd grade - Vincent van Gogh Bedroom Sculptures - I can create a sculpture based on van Gogh's bedroom painting using found materials. I can plan the design for my bedroom using inspiration from my own life and learn what an interior designer does. 

4th grade - Giacometti Gesture Sculptures - I can learn about the artist Alberto Gicometti and make gesture drawings. I can explain the difference between 2-D and 3-D work. I can make a gesture sculpture based off one of my sketches. I can cope with the situation if all does not go well on the first try and persevere until I am successful. 

5th grade - Calder Stabile/Mobiles - I can create a STABILE-MOBILE sculpture that shows attention to balance, form, shape, space and color. I can use a monochromatic color scheme for the base of my sculpture.
I can use a special code to create a secret meaning for my sculpture. 

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