Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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*I am adapting this lesson from Deep Space Sparkle for use with my students this year at SDE.*
Kindergarten - Cool Snowpeople - I can distinguish the cool colors and how they are related to winter.
I can fill the space of my paper with lots of torn shapes to create visual texture. I can use an understanding of spatial relationships to paint/draw my own snowman. 
1st grade - Hot Chocolate Still-Life - I can demonstrate an understanding of 3-D forms through use of lines while drawing a cup of hot chocolate. I can discuss the difference between light and dark colors and explain how they are made.  I can use repetitive patterns in my work to create visual interest and rhythm.

2nd grade - Gyotaku Mono-prints - I can demonstrate how to create a mono-print. I can use collage techniques to embellish my work. I can learn about the Japanese art form known as Gyotaku. I can discuss the positive and negative spaces of my work. I can sign my artwork. 

*I am adapting this lesson from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists for use with my students this year at SDE*
*This photo is borrowed from her website until I take photos of student work.*
3rd grade - Shape Mosaics - I can create a collograph printing plate using a variety of shapes that I cut out from a variety of materials.I can learn about the art making technique known as mosaic. I can describe the difference between geometric and organic shapes. 

*I have adapted this lesson from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists and have used it with my students at SDE for a few years now with very positive results*
4th grade - Architecture Prints - I can make a set of prints and describe what it means to “reduce” a plate.
I can create an architectural drawing using lines/shapes. I can describe the positive and negative space in my work. I can learn about and be inspired by the contemporary artist, James Gulliver Hancock. 

5th grade - Radial Design Prints - I can learn about the reduction printmaking process and make a series of prints using this technique. I can sign and number my prints to form a series. I can create radial balance and unity in my work by using repetition. I can explain through words, what radial balance means.

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