Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March.....inside the Big Green Room

Kindergarten - Awesome Initials
I can create a multi-media artwork that shows the initial of my first name and fills the space.
I can create interest in my art by adding a collage element.
I can work like a graphic designer when working on my initial design.

(Inspiration and photo borrowed from Kuvis and Crafts blog)
1st grade - Butterfly Field
I can create at least five flowers and color them in solidly using oil pastels.
I can use symmetry in order to draw a butterfly.
I can learn the difference between 2-D and 3-D artwork.

2nd grade - Chinese Lanterns
I can build a lantern from cut paper.
I can learn about the country, China, and the lantern festival which takes place on the last day of the New Year celebration.

(Inspiration and photo borrowed from For the Love of Art blog)
3rd grade - Aboriginal Dot Paintings
I can make a painting using the repetition of dots, creating unity in my work.
Learn about the Aboriginal people of Australia.

4th grade - Clay Cacti
I can form a pot from clay and create succulent plants using various hand-building methods 
and clay processing techniques.
I can add surface design to my clay pot in style of painted pottery from Mexico.

5th grade - Face Pots
I can create a face jug using my own design decisions.
I can use modeling and clay processing techniques when building my face jug. 

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