Saturday, April 16, 2016

April.....inside the Big Green Room

Kindergarten - Collage Butterflies and Pinch Pots 
I can create a collage in the style of artist & author, Eric Carle.
I can use modeling and pinching skills to form a pinch pot.  
I can explain some differences between Play-doh and clay.

1st grade - Elephants of India 
I can learn about art from another culture different from my own.
I can create an artwork inspired by the elephants of India.
I can use shapes and different lines to capture a profile, zoomed-in view of an elephant.
I can incorporate a color scheme into my artwork. 

(Inspiration from MaryMaking blog)
2nd grade - Teatime Still-Life 
I can create a still-life drawing based on another culture’s customs.
I can use lines and shapes to draw realistic objects.
I can add shadows to make my work look realistic. 

3rd grade - Japanese Scrolls 
I can create an artwork in the style of Japanese artists.
I can focus on a small area of an imagined space for the focal point of my work.
I can use several types of art mediums to complete my scroll design. 

4th grade - Origami Cubes 
I can create an origami cube using specific folds.
I can understand that small gains are accomplishments.
I can accept that origami is a very complex and specific art form.
I can distinguish the difference between 2-D and 3-D forms. 

5th grade - Student Choice 
Students will spend the last part of the school year working on a project that interests them individually - the teacher will provide several choices - mediums will include sculpture, drawing, painting and weaving.

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