Sunday, May 1, 2016

May.....inside the Big Green Room

Kindergarten - Flower Pots for Mom 
Make a still-life with a flower pot and at least three flowers.
Add patterns to the pot using overlapping paper strips to mimic weaving.

   Le sublime Taj Mahal aux différentes couleurs de l'été, les arbres alignés, son reflet dans l'eau, les piliers parallèles.:
1st grade - Hot Air Balloons (over India)
Make choices when developing my mixed-media composition.
Paint my own sky and include at least two hot air balloons with patterns.
Show depth in my artwork by including different sizes of hot air balloons.

2nd grade - Teatime Still-Life 
(Inspiration from MaryMaking blog)
I can create a still-life drawing based on another culture’s customs.
I can use lines and shapes to draw realistic objects.
I can add shadows to make my work look realistic. 

3rd grade - Russian Nesting Dolls 
(inspiration from Zakka Life blog)
I can learn the history of Russian nesting (Matroyshka) dolls.
Create a drawing of five matryoshkas in descending size. 
Form a repeating pattern along my drawing. 

4th grade - Greek Columns
Learn about the different architecture of ancient Greece.
Learn the order of columns developed by Grecians.
Illustrate columns and create an interesting background for them.

5th grade - Student Choice Multicultural Art 
Students will spend the last part of the school year working on a project that interests them individually:
Egyptian Style Portrait, Landscape Mosaic (Italy), Native American Still-Life, or Russian Cityscape

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